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Preston FIZ – good condition


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Preston FIZ – good condition                 US$5,500  OBO


1 x FI+Z II hand unit

1 x FI+Z II transmitter

1 x V+F Microforce control


3 x NiMH batteries

1 x fast charger


1 x MDR motor control unit

3 x DM1 lens motors



6 x motor cables (3 x straight & 3 x 90 degree)

1 x DC Power cable for MDR

3 x Microforce to FI+Z hand unit cables (6”, 1 short, 1 long)

Assorted camera run cables (PV, Arri, Moviecam, Sony, Canon)

1 x neck strap

1 x  Pelican case



1 x MDR-2 mounting plate

1 x Microforce FI+Z hand unit link bracket

6 x motor mounting brackets (various lengths)

3 x 19-15mm adaptor bushings

3 x PV adaptor bushings

5 x focus marking rings

Assorted motor gear adaptors (PV, Zeiss, Fuji, Canon)

4 x antennas (Trans & RX)

Preston FIZ.jpg

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