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Christian Ramirez-Coll

Atlanta Area: Sled Electrical System

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I am an Atlanta based op. looking for someone who knows how to diagnose if there is some type of electrical problem with the sled, or knows of someone who can do it. I have modified GPI pro SD to HD. The Mods were done by Christian Betz. I figure he can do the job, but I would rather not send it to Germany. The problem comes and goes, so I figure a solder point is loose, or something similar. The sled was perfect until one day I was prepping in a cold carpeted location, and I got an electric static shock so hard the video breaker on the GPI box popped. I had a Modified Shuttle recorder on the top battery mount, Two DIONIC 90s, and one Hytron 140, 24V for the camera, and the junction box with the Standard GPI configuration. After that the rig has not been the same. 

Any advice? Thank you. 

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