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Full, well taken care of, ready to go Preston Remote Focus System with custom Pelican Case, etc. Total Value just over $30k. Selling for $17,750 USD. Buyer Pays Shipping. This is a great Deal!

EQUIPMENT # PRESTON FIZ3 G4 MDR2 1 HU3 Handset 1 Digital Microforce Handset 1 Focus rings (A, B, C, D, E) 5 Focus Rings, Blank 2 DM2 Motor 2 DM1 Motor 1 Hill Bracket 2 Preston Motor Bracket 1 15mm Bushings 2 Iris Rod Clamp V-Lock Plate Bracket 1 Microforce to handset bracket 1 Rubber Hand Grip for HU3 1 Custom Cheese Plate for MDR 1 Cinelocks 1 P-Tap to MDR2 Pwr Cable 1 Red 232 Run Cable 1 Epic Run Cable 1 3-Pin Fischer PWR Cable 1 3-Pin Fischer RUN Cable 1 Microforce Y Cables, 3-Pin Fischer 2 Motor Cables, Right Angle to Straight Angle 3 Motor Cables, Right Angle to Right Angle 4 Motor Cables, Straight Angle to Straight Angle 1 Short Zoom Cable 1 Long Zoom Cable 1 SM Batteries 2 LG Batteries w/ Digi Display 6 Single Battery Wall Charger 2 Dual Charger with Digital Display 1 Neckstrap 1 Rain Cover for handset 1 Custom Pelican Case w/ Foam + Compartments 1

FIZ Cables.JPG

FIZ Hardware.JPG

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