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Question about rig accuracy and balance:

I fly an older Clipper 24 with tilt stage, ultrabrite monitor and V mount battery hanger. I’ve grown to really like flying with a very slow drop time, sometimes almost neutral. 
Recently I’ve run into a problem:
After trimming the rig it flys fine but after resting in on my shoulder or doing a larger tilt move I find it is thrown out of balance. It’s not drastic but enough that I have to retrim every time. Sometimes something as gentle as a drop time test will throw it off. It’s consistently in the direction that it tilt (tilt forward and the rig becomes front heavy). 
I have combed through every inch of the rig looking for a loose part and have found nothing. I’ve also tried balancing without the monitor or batteries and it still won’t hold balance. (Just to be clear I’m using a weight plate as a camera, which I have also checked thoroughly so it’s not a loose camera part.. it’s gotta be something on the rig). Top stage is tight, the plate isn’t slipping, monitor and batteries aren’t moving.. 
After pulling the entire rig apart and feeling very certain I’ve checked everything that could possible be moving,
I raise the question: am I just asking too much of my (older) rig? Is flying with such a neutral drop time just not practice with an older rig? 
Wondering if anyone has any ideas or has run into anything like this before. 
Anything helps.. I’m stumped! 

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Hi Sawyer,

I'm often flying a Clipper 2 that I rent from another operator and I experience the same thing often working at 4 to 8s drop time

Going past 45° on any tilt direction will modify the rig balance and it will still hold a slight tilt.

I also checked that everything was tight. I have sometime noticed a small noise when doing the tilts.

I didn't disasembled the sled to check if it was that but my idea was that it could come from the cable moving in the post, if it is not a coiled cable like in most modern sleds.

If you have a way to check if that can be because of the cable I assume the solution would be to either replace it with a coiled one or to find anything to keep the cable in place without losing the ability to extend the post.

Maybe I'm totally wrong about the reason.

Let me know if you find out!



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Sound like all the classic symptoms an Asymmetrical Gimbal.   Gimbal needs to be calibrated, because it is NOT centered.

Call me at 1-781-585-7900 if you need further details on this.  Thanks!

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