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Kit Baker

Steadicam + Ronin gimbal ? Thoughts

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Hi there,

I fly a simple Steadicam Solo with a Steadicam Pilot Arm and Vest. I would like to upgrade and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? I’d like a system that can use a Canon C200, v lock, 7in monitor with the future option of a remote follow focus and Teradek. 

Tossing up between a Steadicam Pilot Sled or a DJI Ronin gimbal that can attach to my steadicam arm.

I've come across this CineMilled accessory for attaching the two: 


Any advice would be really appreciated! 


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Hi Kit,

There are a lot of factors in deciding on an upgrade. As it seems you already have, think about the typical build you'll be using for your market. Can the new system handle the total payload, as well as power needs? If you put a Ronin on your Solo arm with that camera setup, make sure the arm payload can take the full weight of the camera build and the Ronin. Make sure you have mounting options for your accessories, and a monitoring solution. 

Also think about the differences in movement in Steadicam and Ronin; they are both very different tools. Which one serves the needs of your clientele the most? 

Happy flying! 


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Also, remember; as a Camera Operator - which do you have 'control' over? 

Most camera operators want to be able to control the camera.

With the DJI Ronin the camera operator is forfeiting 'control', in place of that is the DJI Software that is truly controlling the camera movements (pan/tilt)   

Also, there is a big difference aesthetically.  Traditional Stabilizers (i.e Steadicam) have a much more organic, smooth look. (think meridian response); compared to the "robotic, security camera, drone" aesthetic.

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