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Jared Deer

Preferred Gyro Inverter Box Mount?

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I wanted to inquire with fellow ops on their preferred mounting method for the Gyro Inverter, what do y'all prefer/recommend? 

Preferably something universal (or close to) for ease of transitioning from one sled to the next in due time.



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Looks like this has been sitting here  a while. The inverters are smallish and fairly light (less than a pound) so one can really put them anywhere.

I used to fly two gyros a lot on a particular show with frequest windy walk and talks. For that particular job, for fast set-up/minimal rebalance I would put one gyro on the camera and the other under the post. The inverter was mounted on an ab plate which was merely clipped to my vest. This minimized power drain and saved a bit of weight (which isn’t usually a concern of mine when flying only one gyro). The tiny power cable is really a non issue with the gyros going.

I see several people who have made up plates that combine a smaller gyro (k4) and the inverter in one and merely snap it on a battery plate. The first time I probably saw this set up may have been Scott Sakamoto on Revenant. 

I haven’t  used the gyros all that much in the past few years (a combo of the type of shows and the addition of a wave to my kit) but still will throw one up when doing a vehicle mount. Combined with the wave it looks like a stabilized head. For those shots I usually clamp the gyro to the post (for the pan) and put the inverter in an empty battery slot (via velcro/blank ab plate) or attach it to the camjam rods via dogbone.

I was always a bit nervous to snap a gyro onto one of the sled’s ab battery mounts, thought the excess torque and constant pulling might not be the best for that little thin plastic mount that I depend on to not vibrate. Maybe I am just being overly cautious

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