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24V on Steadicam Zephyr

Connor Colby

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Hey all,

I've been operating for almost 8 months now and this is my first post here.

I'm tasked with flying the Arriflex SR3 on my Zephyr and I know I have to get some attachments to be able to do that. From my understanding I need a second battery plate with the ability to switch between serial and parallel in addition to cable adapters for the camera. However, when I searched Tiffen for any official 2nd plate for Zephyr I couldn't find any.  I've been scouring the forums to find anything of use and I've found some stating that the Zephyr is able to fly 24V with some attachments, since everything else is already wired in - but that's pretty much it. Is there anywhere else I could find a suitable plate and is there anything else I am missing?

Please correct me if I'm wrong and hit me with your wisdom. Thanks.

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Hi Connor 

No you don't need an extra battery plate as I have alway fly with the SR3 24v battery on board .

Yes you could use a extra battery plate (if you can find one )and 24v cables for your Zephyr and keep your sled quite short .I would ask around with your local ops and see if they have one which you can hire or borrow.

The Zephyr should be able to fly the SR3 weight with the battery .

Good luck 


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