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Lisa Sene

Metro Camera Cars E-Trike Demo

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New York Operators - Metro Camera Cars is doing demos of their E-Trike over the next two weekends. See the Facebook event here with dates and times, and to RSVP.

From the event page:

"The E-Trike for Steadicam and Gimbal Ops will be rigged and ready for demo runs. No gear needed, we'll have everything setup for you to get acquainted and do a few test runs.
We'll do a simulated scene, leading talent through the hallway and into Lightbulb Grip & Electric. We can reset and practice the run with stepping off and stepping on if folks are interested.

It's a loose format, conversation, test runs and talking shop.
During and After the event we can take the rest of the folks waiting to ride outside to checkout the Camera Car and talk shop.

Sunday Feb 17th- Steadicam Day - 1pm-4pm
Saturday Feb 23th- Gimbal Day - 1pm-4pm
Sunday Feb 24th- Steadicam Day - 1pm-4pm

1027 Grand Street, Unit #133, Brooklyn NY, 11211

Times may change slightly but this seems good for most people thus far. Please let me know who you're bringing if you're inviting another Op to the demo. We don't want it getting overcrowded and diminish the test times for individuals."


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