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G-70X vs G-70 upgrade

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There are small mechanical differences in the G-70X that the G-70 (upgraded or not) does not have, that make for some subtle improvements in performance.

The upgraded G-70 is pretty darn close in performance, so if there's a big difference in price, I suggest you go for the G-70 upgraded. 

Tuning either arm correctly for ride is very important, so read the manual and play with the ride control.

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Thanks Jerry for your feedback, means a lot to me.

I noticed that on the G-70 during run shots vibrations are transferred to the post. After talking with a colleague who worked on G-70 and G-70X after upgrade and new G-70X. He says that G-70 and G-70X after upgrade still transfer vibrations, only new G-70X there is no vibrations problem.

That's why I think between buying used Luna Arm for run shots and leaving G-70 without upgrade or do only g-70 upgrade. But I'm not sure if these little mechanical differences you mentioned are causing the vibration problem in G-70 and G-70X after upgrade?

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