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Hello every one Todd Kirschner , I had a 3A System when I started out years ago....

Then I up graded to a newer system that had a back mount Vest.

But when I traded my 3A system for a Jib I lost the option of having the 3A front mount vest.

I miss my front mount vest. I always liked the Ultra-2 Vest, so I am turning this into an oppertunity to ask...

So I was looking for someone that has one lying around and is willing let it go if it is not being used anymore... ?

Please let me know what it is worth to you and I am sure we can work something out that we will both be happy with.

Thanks again everyone, Todd K.

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Glidecam X-Series Vest is better, according to most operators that has tried and compared the two.   You can decide for yourself, in not 100% satisfied with Glidecam Gold Vest, I will buy it back from you.  100% USA Made, 100% NEW, 100% Warranty...   25 Years in the Market...  The Glidecam X-Series Vest is built with the best materials, super rigid, light weight and offer best comfort and support.


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