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Arturs Lurins

Archer 2 top stage PROBLEM

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I just yesterday realised my sled top stage under docking ring is loose not side to side but like in circle motion.

There should be some way to tighten it but as i haven't done it, cant figure out.

Please help, have a booking tomorrow.

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Had simmilar problems once. Got this from Danny at Tiffen:

Top stage at the post might be loose.

To access the top of the stage, you’ll need to remove the tilt head, by removing the two shafts behind the kip handle locks. Taking off is relatively easy. Putting back takes some skill and is a little fiddly.


Once removed, check that are the 5 screws that connect the stage to the base:


The collar this crown is integral with, is pinned in 4 places around the top of the post, and bonded in place. Make sure this hasn’t moved. If it has it could be more serious, and will need work to reattach.


Good Luck,

Best B.

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