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G70X locking up on boom

peter keeling

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Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone has run into this issue before and it's a quick fix or I've adjusted something improperly, or it needs to be sent in for service.


Was flying SR3 post fully extended, 3 batteries below, fairly heavy build. The lift knob adjusted fine to carry it. But after about an hour during a boom it would start to stick on the upper segment of the arm.

The actual LIFT knob is moving about a 1/2" up and down in the middle of the boom, causing it to knock.


Here's a video of it happening.


Is this because I don't have the ride properly adjusted or something much worse?

Any advice appreciated,



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Hey Pete,

You've probably tried this - have you tested with the ride knob adjusted differently? Does the movement change at all? Hard to see where it was set from the angle in the video, though if it's a heavier load, you'll likely need more visible threads (i.e. more iso). 

Is it doing it only on the top section of the arm, or the bottom as well? 


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Hey Lisa!

I did try to adjust the ride setting after we wrapped. Still doing the popping thing. It is only on the upper section of the arm. Bottom segment is booming smoothly.

Jerry Holway said it might just be a hex key adjustment below the lift knob. Im waiting to hear what Joe at Tiffen says, see if its an easy fix or not. 



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any updates on this?

i have the same issue on my g50 (x upgraded). But since i only have the arm as a backup, i did not worked on that for a long time.

i have the feeling, that the problem might be the rubber bumbers on the inside of the segment which wore out so that the arm can boom up just a bit over the usual height making it snap. -when i put 1/4 - 1/2 inch of tape on these, it worked way better.

-but maybe this is just rather a workaround than a fix...

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