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We are close to buying our first Steadicam for your shop.  Going to be a Zephyr and mostly flying a C300 with Canon CN E Prime Lenses but may use an Alexa Mini too.  The consensus seems to be Gold Mount batteries over V-Mount.  What type of Gold Mount battery is the best for battery life?  Want to make sure we get efficient batteries but at the same time not batteries that weigh a ton either.  Also curious about the various wireless follow focus and teradek systems.  Seems to be quite a broad price range?  I know some operators like to make sure their kit is equipped with a prompter and top light if necessary too.

I'm a little concerned about the weight but ultimately I think we can get it under with Zephyr even with all this stuff.  More concerned about getting quality accessories that are actually necessities.  Pricing also seems to range for some of these systems too so curious about that too.  I appreciate any feedback on accessories especially batteries and wireless follow focus systems.  Thank you

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Hi Rob!

For batteries, I've been quite happy with Core SWX Hypercore 98. 

For follow focus, I've used the tilta Nuclous M, and it was good. But the Bartech is probably what I would buy for myself. 

For wireless video, teradek bolt 500 is solid option. 

I don't have any experience with teleprompters.

Hope this helps!

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