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Dan Bubb

Steadicam sled repair/modifications

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Steadicam Owners/Operators,

                My name is Dan Bubb and I am making a  thread here giving a new service option for non-XCS sled owners in the U.S. regarding repairs, rewiring and cables.  I currently have 9 years of experience assembling, building and repairing Steadicam equipment at the industry's leading manufacturer and have decided to individually branch out and start working on all manufacturers sleds (except XCS).

Current services offered

                -Diagnose and repair signal/power issues

                -Replace or modify connectors to upper/lower junction box.

                -Re-wiring and cable services

                -Update analog sled to HD

                -Some gimbal services - may be limited due to availability of parts.

                -Machining services available

Located in the Atlanta area.

Dan Bubb


(651) 315-9096

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