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Mathéo Lemay

Broken gimbal on Zephyr

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Hi guys!
Did this ever happen to one of you? I was operating in low mode with my Zephyr and I was feeling that there was a slight resistance in my tilt and then all of a sudden boom!, the screw holding the gimbal handle just snapped. Fortunately, the camera only fell from a 1 foot height, so I reported only 2 broken BNC connectors on the Odyssey 7Q that was rigged on top of the camera.
My camera setup wasn't so heavy, definitely not higher than the mandatory 23lbs.
Any ideas as to why that happened ?

And yes I already wrote to Tiffen, still waiting on their reply. 


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Hi Matheo,


I had the exact same thing happen to me a couple of months ago - fortunately it was while I was trying to balance the thing and I managed to catch it as it fell.


Tiffen told me they think that it was due to repeated overloading.


My rig is second hand and I know that the previous owner was flying some pretty big rigs and also that he was having trouble dynamically balancing the thing before he sold it to me - an early sign perhaps that all was not well with the gimbal.





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