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Lars Erik

Confused about wireless video

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I've owned a Steadicam Archer since December, and bigger jobs are lining up. Making me want to invest in the last two things I need. Follow Focus, going for Bartech, and video assist.


Now, I'm a bit confused about the video assist part. I've read on this forum that the 2.4Ghz type transmitters use the same band as broadband, camera surveillance, basically a lot of other stuff is on it. So I wanted to invest in a good transmitter/receiver. And theboxx seemed like a good one. But now I've read that this one also uses 2.4Ghz. Am I a complete idiot and gotten it all wrong or what's the case? I want to buy something that won't have a lot of drop in it. Don't care about the legal stuff. It just have to work.


If anyone can help me claer this up, I'd appreciate it alot.



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All I can say is that you should test the system you want BEFOR you buy WITH all other transmitters that you might need, so with follow focus systems.


They might interfere, you might find a combination of channels that works perfect for both.


The boxx seems to work (for what i know of it, and that's not so much) with a framestore so a breakup will show as a freeze, untill the signal is received again. Similar like some follow focus systems that just hold the last position untill they get decent instructions again.

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