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Tim Smith

Bon FM-073SCH Monitor

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I am selling my Bon FM-073SCH Super Bright 7" monitor. This monitor is in like new condition, as it was my backup monitor. It will come with the monitor, plastic screen protector, and an apache case, power cable. Let me know if you have any questions. Here is a list of the specs for this monitor:

FM-073SCH is an 1100cd/m2 super bright on-camera monitor which is quite viewable at any angle in sunlight. It comes with auto flip, H/V level meters, various zoom modes for DSLR and embedded 1:1 SDI-HDMI, HDMI-SDI converters. 

• Color Calibrated for Luminance, Gamma, Color Temperature 
• 10-bit Signal Processor 
• Auto/Manual Flip 
• Still Image Overlay (SDI) 
• False Color 
• Vectorscope 
• Closed Caption (CEA-608/708) 
• 8 to 16ch Audio Level Meter 
• IMD Mode 
• Various Markers 
• Pixel-to-Pixel View 
• Tally LED Control Output (Front, Rear) 
• R/G/B/W Internal Patterns 
• Supporting 3G-SDI(Level A/B) 
• Auto Brightness Control for Ambient Luminance 
• Horizontal/Vertical Level Meters 
• Focus Assist (Whole Screen/Center Only) 
• Waveform 
• DSLR Scales 
• Time Code 
• Exposure Range Check 
• AFD & V-CHIP(SDI Only) 
• H/V Delay 
• Zero/Under/Over Scan 
• Picture in Picture (Analog-SDI Combination Only) 
• Rack & VESA Mount (Option) 

SDI-HDMI Cross Converter 
BON's embedded HDMI-to-SDI, SDI-to-HDMI converter preserve the original resolution in its output stream. Shooters can watch their video on an external monitor without blur or flickering. 

H/V Level Meters & Auto Flip 
Displays horizontal/vertical level meters to help adjusting camera angle. The screen flips automatically when its upside down. 

Various Frame Guide Markers 
Displays safety area(rectangle), horizontal and/or vertical frame marker lines by preset or as user adjusted.

I am asking $1600.00

Buyer pays shipping

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