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Eric Paczkowski

Best Hi-Brite monitor for Archer 2

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I am looking to upgrade my Marshall 7" monitor that is mounted to my Archer 2.

I'm looking for advise on which new monitor to choose. I need something that is highly visible in direct sunlight.

I look forward to hearing what others use and or recommend!  



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Hi Eric,

If you can, go to NAB or Cinegear and check out monitors in person. Cinegear is outside, so you'll have a better chance of seeing how they perform in daylight. Also possible at a rental house - ask them nicely (and maybe bring cookies) if you can check out a few different monitors one day in their parking lot. Personally, I settled on the smallHD 703. It can be blindly reflective when angled directly at the sun, but has otherwise been wonderful for day exterior work. I'm still exploring solutions to solve the reflectivity (custom cut anti-reflective glass being one). 

Happy flying!


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Thanks Lisa and Axel for your input! I will check out the 703. I have a 702 bright monitor I use as an external camera monitor. I like the Transvideo, but yes very over priced.


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