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GPI Pro Arm Elbow + Vest Socket Block Plate + Artemis center post

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No idea what these sells for normally. Just like them to go to a good home. Make any offer if picking up in Brooklyn, Williamsburg ,$20 or more if shipping USA, and $50 or more if shipping international.

elbow to the GPI Pro arm.
Contains soft bumpers 8X. I upgraded to the Mid arm Swivel again.. and no longer need 2, even for backup.

works like new. bearings are very smooth.

GPI pro Vest Socket block plate
Bought the ibaird from Walter Klassen and no longer need 2 of this part for the vest.
Does have velcro on it in and it can be removed if desired before sale.

 Lower Centerpost from the Arri artemis with 1.8” post.
The post is only two years old. In 4 small spots at the bottom on the lowest threads there is damage. Happy to stop storing it if you have an offer. Velcro will be removed before sale.

2019-03-14 09.17.36 copy.jpg

IMG_0670 copy.jpg


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Hey Kyle,


are you happy with the iBaird. I have replaced my provest with the WK backmounted vest as the Pro socketblock is way too high. However I find the Pro vest so much more comfortable. Are you happy with the iBaird? What is the weight distribution like. Any pressure points?

The WK vest squeezes a nerve in my left groin quite badly, leading to stinging and tingling in my upper leg. Nothing I do seems to improve it.

So now considering the iBaird...


best regards


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