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Michael Holmes

Steadicam Zephyr for Sale– Standard Vest/Gold Mount – Like New

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I am selling my Zephyr after trying it. 

Two-person documentary team and we just couldn’t devote any time to the Zephyr. Not enough hands for camera focus/mic/audio recorder/interview, along with the Zephyr!


Original owner, purchased new from B&H. You can see the model here at B&H:




All the original equipment listed as “In the box” is included, plus I will include an unused Low Mode F-Bracket.


You can see from the photos that it is essentially new.

Great buy for somebody.

$7,250 with free shipping.

Payment by PayPal, shipment to your PayPal Confirmed Address. A signature will be required upon delivery. 

Will ship from Portland, OR to US destinations only. 


Just message me and I’ll give you my email address so we can discuss it.


·  Mike.







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