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Jon Adams

Pilot HD monitor issues

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Hi folks,
I have a Pilot HD/SDI rig, and need to use it via HDMI with a DSLR. The standard 7in monitor (Steadicam MSC-200590) powers on but only the SEL button does anything. Once I've selected the HDMI IN signal, it displays a picture, but the UP / DOWN / DISP buttons don't have any effect at all, so I can't change brightness/contrast nor flip the image. It all works fine with an Aputure VS2 monitor, but I prefer the build of the Steadicam unit.
I haven't tried it via SDI, but Is this normal over HDMI, or does my monitor have a problem? Appreciate any advice you can give.

monitor 1.jpg

monitor 2.jpg

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If anyone has this monitor (Steadicam MSC-200590) would they be kind enough to plug in an HDMI cable and see if theĀ  DISP/UP/DN buttons do anything? Thanks.

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