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Rich Cottrell

XCS ultimate 1 for sale

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For the people who do not know me, I have been dragging me feet for years on this:

While I am selling my whole kit, I got the XCS sled for sale first.   I will sell with my  GPI arm with the sled at a discount, otherwise the arm only will be posted for sale after the sled is sold.

PM me or call me

rich cottrell, soc

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sorry for not getting more info out over the weekend, but I will try to take some pictures tomorrow.

also, I got a bunch of  PM's and a few phone calls, but with Passover and then Easter my weekend was swamped so I really apologize to you all for not sending personal emails.

A few questions have come up from multiple people so i figured I would answer them here:
1) I am working on getting you all some current pictures 

2) this is a Ultimate 1 sled.  That means it is an SD sled, but there is a "pass through" COAX that does support an HDMI signal path from the top stage to the bottom of the sled.
It does have the PDL installed internal to the sled, but that is only visible when using an SD monitor
This sled also has the "Uno" frame line generator installed in the sled.

3) This sled has the XCS "Egro" gimbal handle for a normal sided operator [meaning Right hand on the Yoke and left on the gimbal]

4) the GPI Pro Arm is what is now called the "Titian" arm.  I am selling it with 4 Blue and 4 Black spring canisters.  These are the original style canisters with the clear windows built into.

5) I am currently looking for someone based in the USA or Canada for this sale as I am a little worried about overseas transactions and I would mostly prefer to be able to sell the sled in person so there are no problems after the sale

6) if your not familiar with flying an XCS sled there is plenty of info on this forum about what makes this sled unique.
http://www.xcsinc.com/manuals/LEGACY Ultimate 1 Sled Manual 2009 rev 4.pdf

7) I am not selling this sled with a TB-6 monitor, but I will include the XCS monitor mount and a SmallHD 702Bright LCD monitor

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