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My name is David and I am a 1st AC

I bought a 3D printed Clip-On Mattebox from Abracam for a job and i do not require it anymore.

It was great for those situations when you want to filter your camera in tight spaces. Like being in the backseat of a car for example!

The light weight clip-on mattebox can hold one or two 4.5.65" or 4x4 filters with a quick release lever and it has two teflon springs to hold a circular filter.

There is a rubber wheel to easily adjust the circular filter too!

It also has a flag holder with two clips for clamping your top chop

The back of the clip-on is 114mm diameter.


Aasking price £300.00 (inc VAT)

I can deliver within London or meet up at Panavision or Arri Media.

Shipping overseas. If you get in touch i will let you know a price. 

Please call on +44 7939678450 or reply to the thread!



Clip-On Mattebox.jpg

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