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The Hand Unit and MDR were just serviced at Preston. HU3 has a brand new Focus Knob and completely checked out. Everything is up to date G4 Blue Dot. This is a great deal for anyone especially those who don’t need a micro force.


Hand Unit 3 Just returned from Preston. New focus knob

Rubber grip and blank

MDR2 G4 Blue Dot +M

2x DM2 motors

6x HU3 Rings. Ai-Ei and a blank

2x Preston Motor brackets long

2x Preston motor brackets short

2x Motor cable right to straight angle

12v Dtap to MDR2 Power cable

Y Arri On/Off and power to MDR. (the only cable you really need in LA since most of the rental houses have intergraded this set up on their cameras, so I’m told)

MDR2-Arri 12v On/Off cable 4520

Panavision cable 4522

Red Digital cable 4543

MDR2 to 15mm rods mounting bracket. Don’t know who it’s made by but works well.

2x chargers that come from Preston

2x batteries. 1 large 1 small

Canvas Bag to hold cables

Brand New Palican 1450 case with foam. Perfect size for this kit

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

If you're in the LA area, feel free to come check it out. If you're not local, I can send a video or set up a face time.

$12,799 OBO.

(Pictures had to be low rez to fit on the forum.)







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