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I'm wanting to off-load some gear I never use and some spare parts. All gear is located in Los Angles but I'm willing to ship as long as buyer pays for shipping/handling. Happy to provide an invoice for records.

Here is the beginning list. There are still a few more odds and ends that I'll add within a week. 

Transvideo Starlite: $900

-this is the generation 1 version. I've heard you can upgrade it to be able to control Arri cameras.

-lightly used, some scuffs around connection points

-comes with case, BNC, power cable, cleaning sleeve


Pelican 1650: $200

-never used, I purchased this in case a warranty replacement didn't arrive before a travel job. Forgot to return it before return date. New this is $245


Arri Unit Bag Medium II: $320

-Like the Pelican above, bought this as a backup plan for packing for a travel job. Never used it. Only taken out of cardboard shipping box to take photos.


Tiffen 3rd Battery Mount, Slim version, V-Mount: $720

-used on my M1 sled, some visible use but overall in great shape


IDX Batteries and Quad Charger: $2000 for everything

-this package is used. I tried to only use these on short gigs but I've had the EHL9s, 7s, and charger since June '16. Then Cue75s were purchased in '17. All the batteries still fully charge and behave great. I had them evaluated last late summer by IDX and all received a good rating.

-Endura 7s  x2 total $90 each

-Endura Cue75  x2 total $100 each

-Endura EHL9s  x8 total $150 each

-IDX VL-4S Quad Charger $700


More to come. Happy to answer questions or get additional photos. Thank you.
















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