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Joshua Bonner

Hello - Newb Op here w/ newbie footage

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Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself. Very new to the steadicam world. I attached a link to yesterdays official first day (constructive criticism very welcomed). Next time I'll try and setup a GoPro or something that way I can grab a few pointers from you guys for body positioning etc.. I have a training day scheduled this Friday so I really just wanted to get out there and try a few things before then.

Current setup:
Glidecam x-10 + HD4000

Also looking to upgrade to a proline with raven 1 arm setup (around ~3k) just so I have a standard setup rather than my current. I wish I would have done that from the start. I currently don't have the funds to purchase a new/used tiffen or GPI setup. Thoughts on that?

(video has some audible cursing from my excitement please excuse)

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hey dude

i watched your video, and kudos to you for getting out so early in the morning to do some practice!

you actually do a good job of maintaining a consistent distance from your subject. here are a few things to watch out for, which im sure youve already identified:

-cutting into the head and face, especially on the wide shots

-horizon when going around the trees, moving sideways. this can be due to the force of your hand on the post. how much drop time did you have when balancing? getting a neutral drop time and being able to operate that way is the golden egg, but i only know of one operator who does that. so you may want a 3-4 second drop time.

-if you and your partner are operating the same way, then check your stance. generally the rig isnt right out in front of the operator. its should be in front of your hip, sort of at a 45 degree angle from your belly button, your knee passing by it. if you can hook the monitor up to the camera then that will help, rather than looking at the back of the camera.

-consider purchasing the steadicam operators handbook. there are a whole bunch of really good practice techniques in there. as much as youll want to dance and roll around to create nice foreground and flowing shots, you need to nail down the fundamentals like moving in a straight path without the horizon moving, and maintaining a good composition.

keep practicing! its all about time in the vest.



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