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Rod Calarco

Complete Preston System

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Complete Preston System for sale. The system has all it's updates and is in perfect working order. The set includes. 20K Firm. Buyer pays shipping. Please contact me at zoomgunn@yahoo.com



DM1X Motor x 1

DM2 Motor x 2

Digital Micro Force 2 x1

Hand grip x 1

Slide Cover x 1

DMF Bracket x 1

Batteries x 6

Chargers x 2

MDR 3 Cinetape Interface Cable x 1

Motor Cables x 4

MDR 3 Arri Run Cable x 1

MDR 3Arri 3 pin rs Power Cable

MDR 3 Combo Cable x 1

MDR 3 XLR Cable x 1

MDR 3 Command Cable x 1

MDR 3 Epic On/Off Cable x 1

Reduction Rings Red x 4

Reduction Rings Blue x 4

HU3 Marking Rings x 6





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