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I am currently starting a show with the DXL2. I have a Master Series, and am having trouble lining up the camera plate to the body. The only way I was able to mount it was with the bridge plate (pic bellow). While the sled flies well, it would be GREAT to be able to ditch the BP and go right to the camera. As it's making my sled quite long. Any advice as too where I could get a camera plate that would fit a Master (obviously different than the original plate) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

IMG_7624 copy.jpg

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I ran into this problem a lot with my ultra plates, so I just drilled a hole the correct spacing for the camera in one of my plates.  Not ideal, but it definitely worked for me anyway.  It wasn’t for a dxl 2 but I’m guessing it has the same spacing as a red or mini. (Could be wrong)


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