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Additional weight

Regis Robles

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Excuse me, I'm using google translate. 

Typically operating a Zephyr steadicam that supports 10 kg, it needs to fly with a load of approximately 11.5 kg. Our staff will travel far and we can not rent bigger equipment. My question is: Can I use a G50 arm? Will I have a problem with the gimbal or the socket block?
Thank you for your comments.

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Firstly have you tried to balance your camera on the rig?

I would power everything from the rig .Do you have 2 battery plate on your rig ?

As you have pointed out Yes the socket block on the Zephyr is smaller on the vest and also the Arm post is larger on the G50 so you will need 2 things for this to work .  I have seen an adaptor for the Zephyr vest to upgrade it to a larger arm block.You will need a machinest make you a arm post  cut down to size.I would contact Tiffen first as they may have both items or would know were to get them 

All the best 

Louis Puli .


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Hi Regis

You CAN use a G-50 arm but as Louis says you will need a large socket block for your vest. The G-50 is available with the 1/2" arm post that will fit. My concern is that by knowingly overloading the sled you may do damage to some other component like the gimbal, gimbal yoke or stage to post junction. Also you will need to make the post very long top balance that load meaning that you could see vibration.



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