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Who should buy the Aero-15?

Andy Zou

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I'm a one-man run'n'gun sorta guy; I've worked with my mirrorless out of a Ronin-M that all fits in a backpack for years.

Naturally, electronics and motors being what they are, the gimbal has acted up one too many times at critical moments, making the relatively foolproof mechanics of a Steadicam rig start seeming attractive.

The immediate gear-bloat makes me uneasy though.  All of a sudden, flying a mirrorless on a steadicam seems like a waste, I'm going to need more batteries, look into a FIZ unit...
I know they offer "backpacks" for steadicams, but I could probably fit myself in one of those they're so huge.

And then, a couple thousand dollars into a rig that is merely the first rung of an entire field, one that I'm not sure I want to sacrifice my knees for.

Who is the Aero-15 for?  Should I look into a used Aero-30/Zephyr instead?  Or just stay away from it entirely?

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Hi cyjackx,

Please adhere to the rules and use your real name on this forum.

You may benefit from a Bronze Workshop, as they will have a few different Tiffen rigs there, and give you the basics of building, balancing, and flying if you have not used a Steadicam before. If you're doing it correctly, you won't be "sacrificing your knees". Which sled, arm, and vest to buy is a decision that is based on many factors: total payload, price range, power needs, accessories, transportability, if you ever plan to upgrade, etc. 


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A year into shooting I bought a Pilot (2008) being pxssed off with tripods  - as a RnG item it is completely impractical.

For a planned corporate less so. But even doing that solo it is annoying.

For RnG Im pure shoulder now.

I have a 'cinematic' FS7 but really like camcorders for true running and gunning. (less gack = more story)

It has taken me a decade to be able to afford focus control and to be regularly working with an assistant. Im getting on (srcipted) jobs slow enough and big enough to be working with a Movi and re-igniting my interest in Steadicam.

I would say firstly that the Pilot was an technically anexcellent thing as it no doubt the 15 setup - Im not knocking them as items.

These small rigs  are therefore, IMO, for poeple who want to learn steadicam (very good thing to do!) or are working on low budget multicam shoots where they are responsible for the wides, while someone else does long lens on sticks.

A small rig may also produce excellent images with something like the BMC pocket cameras.

Most RunGun requires switching from wide to telephoto and telephoto is not easy on a small rig.

Cheaper steadicams also have issues with seeing the monitor in the sun (not one Ive cracked) and RnG may certainly need to shoot in the sun.






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