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BarTech Digital Focus Device

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For sale: 

$2000 USD

BarTech Focus Device Handunit

fStop V2-1 Receiver

Heden M21VE-L Motor

2x D-Tap to Lemo2 power cable

2x Digital motor cable

1x Ultrathin digital motor cable

2x Red One Start/Stop cable (Lemo 4)

2x Red DSMC Start/Stop box with BNC

1x Sony Start/Stop Cable (Hirose 4)

1x Arri Start/Stop Cable (Fischer 3)

2x 7” antenna

2x Short antenna

5x Aluminium white focus ring

1x Pelican case with custom foam

$2000 USD 

Kit is in Montreal. Ready to ship anytime!

PayPal seems like the way to go!


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