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Titan arm setup

Luca Sportelli

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Hi to all,

just received my Titan arm, I bought it from Betz, with and incredible assistance and patience from Isabell and Chris too... one question,

I have 4 blues and two Blacks, but: How is a configuration with only 2 canisters? I have to put them crossed or both down or up?

Thank you, and sorry for my noob question


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If I’m running two canisters, I put them in diagonal to each other (canister closest to arm post goes up top, canister closest to socket block in the bottom). If you’re using two different spring types, same concept, they should be opposite one another (top section blue/black, bottom section black/blue). 

This, at least, has been the way I’ve always operated; though currently I run all four blues. 

Hope this helps,

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On the upper arm section (one with the arm post). Blue canister goes up, black canister goes down.

On the lower arm section (one with the socket block). Black canister goes up, blue canister goes down.

this is the input from GPI Pro.

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