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Price Reduced to 42k from 48k
I'm selling my nearly brand new Motocrane Ultra. The arm fits in 5 cases and weighs less than 200lbs unloaded. This "Russian Arm" style vehicle crane is the latest model of compact cranes that fit on any vehicle.
It has been used on one job, other than that it has only been used doing camera tests at our shop. The wait for a new Motocrane can be quite long because of their demand right now. I'm selling mine because me and my partner are parting ways and the money would best be used on different gear for our market. Unlike buying the arm new, I have included all accessories ready to make the arm picture ready (flying leads, tools, batteries, Mitchell mount, accessories, etc). All you need is the head. Motocrane is compatible with Ronin 2, MoVi XL, Shotover G1, Newton, Arri SRH-3, and Flight Head Mini 3.
The arm is still under warranty until April of 2020, I can send the proof of sale and paid invoice from Motocrane in a private message.
I had 2 custom 48v batteries made that can power the system all day on one batt. Also included:
Motocrane Ultra arm ($39,950 new)
Flight Cases ($3,825 new)
Extra Cable set ($1790 new)
Flowcine Mitchell ($300 new)
Flying Leads ($320 new)
2x Custom 48v Batteries (with 2 chargers) ($2,000 to be made)
Weights ($300 new)  
8x Cheeseboros ($150 new) 
Misc Tools (free) 
All other photos are here:


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Hi Nick,I've been looking at getting on of these - but on there website they're advertised at 39,950... justwondering why your pricing is so high for a used arm?



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