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search steadicam from 2 kg / 4,4 lbs in europe - e.g. Zephyr, Aero 15 / 30, Archer2, Clipper, also older ones who are in good shape

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Hey I'm Benjamin,

i'm looking for a steadicam kit (sled, vest & arm) that has a payload from about 2kg/4,4lbs to about 10kg/22lbs.
e.g. the Aero series, even better the Zephyr, Archer 2, Clipper, Shadow or M1. I am also open for quality products without a name.

quality and good care are important to me.

my location is munich, germany or graz, austria.

I'm looking forward to hear from you. :)

best regards


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Hi! I just put my 2019 modified tiffen Flyer for sale! Check out last pages at market place: arm can hold up to ~20-22 lbs, but the sled itself has amazing weight capacity. Can ship to Europe.


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