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Custom Complete Rig f/sale Exovest/G50x/Xbone/X45 sled

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Hey everyone!

I'm really sad to post this, but due to life circumstances, I have to part with this custom rig I've built.  Flies rigs up to 40lbs easily.  You can probably even push 45lbs.

Comes with everything you see here. (except C-stand)

Steadicam Exovest w/vest bag

Flowcine Xbone kit

Steadicam G50x arm with bag and raincovers

Glidecam X45 sled with Camjam Monitor bracket and SmallHD 702 monitor


The monitor has 1 stuck green pixel.  You can sorta see it in the pics.  It never bothered me, but you can send it in to SmallHD if it bothers you that much

Also, the gimbal handle has a chip in the socket.  Still fully functional, and that too, didn't bother me in operation, but if you can see in the sled layout pics, I am supplying 2 extra socket caps if you want to replace it.

Again, I HATE that I have to part with this rig, but still has a TON of life to it as it is just over a year old.  Purchased this system brand new for around $23,000.  Save on me and get into a big rig system affordably!  Thanks for looking!



$14,500 obo



Steadicam FULL SET UP.jpg

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Here's a pic of me on set with the rig just to show you all that you are talking to a real person that used the rig in real world situations.  I flew RED setups with heavy cine glass with ease on this baby. 

Again, sucks that I have to sell it, but that's life.  You will definitely enjoy the set up!


Steadicam for sale.jpg

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Good luck with your sale.

I just want to dispel the notion that a Ronin 2 on top of a steadicam makes a 'poor man's Trinity'. Because it really does not.
None of the shots in your video would require a Trinity by the way. Could all be done with a regular steadicam.

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Hello potential buyers,

I have been getting a lot of interest in the rig.  First off, thank you.

I respect this community and wanted to first notify on this thread before cancelling it, that some work has come up to help prevent me having to liquidate this system.

I appreciate the interests, and will consider selling steadicam goods down the road when and if it is time to do so.  But for now, I actually get to enjoy the system, for now.

I feel that I owe it to you all to be notified on the current situation.

I'll be pulling down this post in 48 hours.  Hopefully that is enough time to get everyone notified and up to speed.

Thank you all!



Nicholaus James

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