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Werner Juergen Heinemann

Master Series Gimbal Balancing

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Hi All,

   So I just had my gimbal serviced. When I got it back, I went to balance it, and it is very out of balance, I can static balance it fine. But when spun 180 degrees, it tilts back quite severely. I chased it around for about an hour (rebalancing to where it would land). Same thing every time. Does anyone know how I can balance this myself? Please say it's easy. Any help, and the sooner the better, would be GREATLY appreciated, as I obviously need this for work.  Thank you in advance.

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So I Spoke with Robert Luna. He was very helpful. I’m going to assume you have a master sled. So what you want to do is take a little SHARP pointed knife. And pop off the caps on the side of the gimbal. They came off and go back on surprisingly easy. Inside you’ll see a flat head screw in each each side. Put your sled on the balance pin with weigh and balance it to the side would normally balance to. I did static, as well as dynamic. As much as I could with it out of balance anyway. Then spin it ninety degrees. If it’s out of balance, it will list to one side. I.e. front to back. You want to turn the opposing screw to “walk you sled towards that side on the  gimbal that it’s falling away from. Do the same amount to the opposite side in reverse. It helped me to kind of lift the sled from the bottom when doing this. To get some weight off the gimbal. The screws are tight. Do it it SMALL increments. Then rebalance the sled at that point. And continue from there. You are essentially walking the sled to the appropriate spot on the gimbal. Be patient and take your time. I got mine dead centered. Hope that helps. Good luck!   

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