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John Romeo

Aero-30arm with Pilot sled

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May have made a mistake buying a used Pilot sled to go with A30 arm. With correct weight (bmpcc4k) arm feels too tight. I’ve adjusted tension on springs as loose as they go. But with UMP4.6k is too heavy for sled. Arm is brand new. As is vest. Should I have A-15 arm?

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Hey John

I think there's a bit of a mismatch going on here. The sled components are built to hold a payload on the stage up to a maximum weight. Go beyond this and the components bearing that weight (such as the gimbal) could fail.

Similarly, the components in the arm can hold a certain weight. This is the overall weight of the sled and everything attached to it. Go beyond this total weight and the springs in the arm will max out and stop suspending the mass. At the other end of the scale, the springs in the arm require a certain minimum load to be able to work. This isn't too much of a problem, as you can always make a camera heavier by putting it in a cage and bolting stuff onto it. But it IS a problem if getting the arm into its working zone would entail overloading the sled.

The problem you have is that to get the A30 arm into its 'Goldilocks' zone would require you to max out the Pilot sled. The Pilot sled is good for a payload of 10lbs/4.5kg so is fine for the BMPCC, but only with an arm like the A15 which starts working under a lighter load.

The A30 arm is good for anything up to about 20lbs (sitting on top of a 10lb sled), but it requires a sled built to handle that weight (such as the Aero 30 sled).

An A15 arm with the Pilot sled would be fine with the lightweight BMPCC, but wouldn't be suitable for the UMP. For the UMP, you'd need an Aero 30 sled to match the A30 arm, and possibly a bigger rig, depending on how much the camera weighs with any lenses & accessories bolted on.
In many ways, your solution isn't getting an A15 arm - unless you only want to fly the BMPCC. To cover the needs you've mentioned with a heavier camera like the UMP, you'd need to swap the Pilot sled for something like an Aero 30 or a Zephyr.

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