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Sam Morgan Moore

Movi : vest and arm vs easyrig.

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After a few years of 'newb' operating on a Pilot I moved to a Ronin now the Movi Pro. I make good use of that Movi rig as a 'head' on the end of a jib or hanging off the back of a vehicle with my homebuild black arm. But Im not at all happy hand holding it.

Simply the Movi Pro is too heavy for my puny arms and knackered back with all but the smallest camera.

I think the rig is about 7kg with my FS7, animon and small focus device and lens.

I need to get either an Easy Rig or a vest and arm. The vest and arm appeals to me much more especially if the Movi could be matched with a counter mass on  post to allow a decent boom range, ability to fly over a table and the like. (as per the shots of the 50's call centre)

Easy rigs look like one would hit doorways and even ceilings (Im 6'5")

Anyone using electronic gimbal and draditional vest and arm?

ANy thoughts?

ps I did search - could not find much.



ps homebuild 'black arm'  - going from this rig to handheld rig super fast would be very good.





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So Ive got to the point of Steadimate and A30 arm.

My worst case seems to be 16lb load with my Fs7, which leaves 14 spare pounds should I have to fly Alexa Mini (300g heavier, plus bigger lens  and batts)

any comments?



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Hi Sam,

I haven't used any type of rig with a Movi or Ronin on a job, only in demos or at trade shows. Out of the Steadimate, EasyRig, and Anti-Gravity rig, I liked the Steadimate the most. Paired with an Exovest that's tuned to rotate a little more than normal at the pivot points, it was the best at eliminating footsteps. It was also the most comfortable for me, probably because I'm already used to the Exovest and personally find that's the most comfortable and logical style of vest for my body. It was slightly more tiring than normal Steadicam since you have to hold the Movi or Ronin farther away from your body than you would a Steadicam sled, simply because it's a larger footprint. 

I have yet to try the smaller EasyRig (the stock ones are too long for my torso), but always found it was difficult to get rid of footsteps. It was a bit better with the Flowcine Serene arm. Similarly, I was able to see footsteps when I tried the AntiGravity rig, and found it too large and cumbersome overall. However, the boom range on that rig was nice. I was also concerned about maneuvering about practical sets with low ceilings or door frames with that type of rig - not to mention the distraction factor for actors! 

What have you found so far using the Steadimate?



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I dont have a Steadimate.. I might buy one.

I have a Pilot with a homebuild Steadimate.

Clearly the arm requires significant assistance from my arms.

Initial observations are..

-It seems to have as few footsteps as my poor operating.

-it seems smooth.

-I might get better pans if there was a pan bearing at the 'pin' (where the arm meets the rig) - I can make that

The boom range is not great.. same as a regular (sc) rig

the size problem is not height (like an easyrig) but width.. doorways could be a problem one has to move the rig out in front of you to get through a door

The stress on the body is more than a regular rig as you cannot hug the camera.

I think an SC 30 could fly an alexa mini.. the largest package I will offer.


Ultimately I like the look of a 'larry' rig as per the telephone room shots.

With a small package fs7 I think I could make a larry rig.. that is prefered as you can both do huge booms and also hug the post to the body to provide the best load on the body.

Ive built a larry rig too heavy for my vest. I can handhold it for 10s.. it feels great but is entirely impractical without an arm vest.

I think an SC30 would give me the ability to fly an alexa mini in steadimate mode and my fs7 in larry mode.

Unlike any easyrig I can rig a steadicam arm onto my rickshaw.






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So I bought A30 arm and vest.

Firstly those things are good - vest actually goes on hard unlike my Pilot.

The arm is phyically heavy but seems to support any load I could throw at it.


Ive got my movi plonked on it and have also tried 'jerry mode' - jerry mode is cool but very heavy!

Ultimately a Movi is a poor device for using near the human as one cannot get it close to the body which drives one to an off balance load. The steadicam and post can be much closer.

So this (movi and arm) seems an OK compromise but a steadicam sled (and volt) will be better and less fatiguing

Ive made a socket block for my rickshaw. I look forward sitting back and enjoying that :)




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