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Jake Iesu

DBIII MDR Mount alternative for the M1-Volt

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 I’m considering upgrading to the Volt on my Gen 2 GPI Pro with DB3 and have seen a few people mount their Volt electronics to the MDR dovetail plate that comes with the Pro. I have also heard rumours that their is some Vibration issues with mounting the Volt electronics in this way? Does anyone here have experience with this?


I currently use an MDR2 mounted to the pro bracket (though 80% of my work the Focus puller supplies their own WCU4) so I’m happy to Mount the MDR2 to the body of the camera and use the 3 screw holes to mount the Volt instead but not if their is any chance of vibration. Does anybody know of another solution for mounting the Volt electronics to a DB3? Perhaps a rod system that can retrofit to the three mounting holes on the front of the DB3? Perhaps a trip to the machinist is in order?


While we are at it, what Power cable comes with the GPI Cine Volt upgrade kit? Is it possible to power the Volt with a custom cable from the small OB.304  4 pin Video plug on the Older pro top stage or is the gauge of the 12v in the Video port too small to be reliable for powering the Volt? It would be nice to finally put this port to use seeing as I have 2 of them that I never use!



Thanks brains trust!




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