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Klassen Garrett Brown Dual Mount Vest

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Front and back mount in the same vest.  If you're not familiar with this design, it was made at the request of Garrett, who liked the support but wanted to keep the front mount option.

I'm 5'11, 190lbs 34-36In waist, and it fits well, could fit someone bigger or smaller fine also - I used to run the bladder only a little inflated.

Leather and sockets still in very good condition.

Comes with standard arm and vest bags from Klassen, and spares kit pictured.

Located in Australia but no problem to ship worldwide.

$3800 USD or the equivalent in your currency.

Email is richkick@gmail.com









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Hi Adi, different feel to a PRO or Tiffen, you feel that the weight is connected at the front obviously, but the rigidity of the Klassen vest means its still distributed evenly and into the back/hips.  Only downside is that you can't change the socket height easily, but I do remember seeing a riser block on someone's GB vest as more permanent height mod.   I think its real advantage is to quickly switch on set to a much narrower body profile for tight spaces, without having to change out to a completely different vest.  You do need to reverse the socket block on your arm tho, easy with an aircraft pin fitting.



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