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which anton bauer chargers can handle the triton and tz batteries?

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hey y’all

 i’ve replaced the firmware on many twin simultaneous chargers to v22 or whatever is latest to handle the new batteries. but are there other 2 and 4 back chargers that will work? I am looking at a bunch of used ones on eBay and figure I will have to replace the firmware but I also noticed some are end of life for Anton Bauer. The 2702 2722 and 2000 interactive seem like good choices. Any thoughts?

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Hi Brett,

The DUAL 2701 and T2 chargers were the older series two position chargers. They are all EOL now and there are very limited number of firmware updates available for them. We stopped manufacturing them around 5 or more years ago.

The latest DUAL chargers are the LP2 and the DUAL Performance chargers, and they should be ready to charge the Titons or XT's right out of the gate. 

Also, stay tuned, as NAB is right around the corner and you never know what Anton/Bauer will be showing...!! After all, 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of Anton/Bauer!!

And, as always, you can reach out directly to me and I can always check and see if there are any BStock units around.



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