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Sam Bennett

Zephyr Topstage Removal / Repair

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Hi legends!

I'm trying to fix some vibrations with my Zephyr. I'm currently trying to get inside the top stage to see if any connecting post screws need tightening. I cannot get the top stage opened up though. I've removed the four small screws underneath the stage which begins to separate the two plastic halves. However only 3 out of 4 corners want to open up for me. The rear right hand corner is being very stubborn and not giving. Does anybody have experience opening a Zephyr up like this.

Video attached.

NB: I was advised this would be the best method by Danny Hallett at a recent workshop but perhaps I am doing it incorrectly?


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So it turns out I just had to give it a bit more force which I was hesitant to do at the start. Pressing inwards on the plastic side with the "Steadicam" logo helped as I pulled down the back corner at the same time.

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