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EFP, 3A, Silver-spring arm

Joel Soh

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Hi All

I’m just putting feelers out there to see if anyone wants to offload their Old/spare arms :)

I’m not flowing in cash, hence why I’m looking for an older model, so if you have a efp/3a/steadyrig silver spring arm/g50/or anything similar feel free to shoot me a private message, or email me at jtesoh@gmail.com.

Based in Melbourne, Australia




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Hi Joel

I have a 3A Arm adjustable  Standard 37 to 57 lbs serial no 625  that has been laying for at least 12 years without being used. It´s condition is very nice ( no scrathes ) and I want (fixed price) 4500 US Dollars for it.

20191130_171711.thumb.jpg.0b77650300ed58e3542ed41c719fa719.jpgThe zipper for bag is destroyed - we are Steadicam dealers in Denmark for Tiffen since Garret invented his masterpiece - I will order a new one.

If you are interested let me know - if not we will put in the Marketplace today.

Got more pictures - but are not allowed to put more in because of the 2MB restriction

My mail is peter@hofmann.dk


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Hey Joel,

We here at Rig Engineering may have a previously-owned and loved Silver-Spring arm available in the not-too-distant future.

Contact if you want further details.

Kind regards,

Hugo Langer
Rig Engineering
Melbourne, Australia.

Rigs Can Fly.

T: +61-4-1356-1635
E: admin@steadyrig.com
W: www.steadyrig.com

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