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Previous owner was Katy Most who was kind enough to entrust me with this kit and now I in turn am ready to entrust it to a new operator.

I am hoping to sell it all as a package deal. Some items are being added as extra but can be removed if not needed by the purchaser - I will label which items these are. I will reduce the price of the overall package if the buyer does not want this items.

Price is listed at the bottom of the post. Based out of Austin, TX. Can meet anywhere in Texas. Anything out of state will require shipping. Buyer pays for shipping. 

For Sale:

Tiffen Steadicam Archer2 (v mount)

- HRPC 2760W Sled Case with Custom Cut Foam

- Tilt Motorized Stage

- HD Marshall Monitor (original monitor) (comes with 3 pin lemo and 9 pin lemo power options)

- Motorized Head Gimbal Remote

- Low Mode Kit (F-Bracket) with 3 posts (3", 6", 9")

- Jerry Hill Docking Ring (one for high mode docking and one for low mode docking)

- 4 x Steadicam Weight attachments (one is missing the 1/4 20, but that can be easily replaced and inserted)

- Additional V-Mount plate for 3rd battery (3 pin lemo connection)

- SOS Long Plate (for quick transfer from steadi to sticks) (SOS female plate has been given 4 additional threads that I can use to install a Gyro to the bottom of the post, they do not interfere with the original threads)

- Standard Steadicam Plate

Steadicam G50 Arm (X performance upgraded labor/parts - I have the paperwork for this and can provide documentation to potential buyers)

- Weather Arm Cover (with bag)

- Steadicam Arm Bag

Steadicam Ultra1 Vest (previously owned by David Svenson)

Jerry Hill Docking Bar 

Modern Studio Steadicam Stand (not pictured but comes with 3x Slip On Caster Wheels - will update with picture of attached wheels, increases height by an additional 6-8") (OPTIONAL - can be removed to reduce overall price of sale)

The Maximum Height is not exactly accurate, I've been able to get it taller with leg adjustment. With the wheels on, I can use it with no issues (I'm a 6' 4" operator).

- Minimum Height: 34.25"

- Maximum Height: 55.75"

- Footprint: 32"

Archer Thermodyne Case (not pictured but will add and update post) (OPTIONAL - can be removed to reduce overall price of sale)

V-Mount Battery Kit (OPTIONAL - can be removed to reduce overall price of sale)

- IDX Dual Battery Charger

- IDX 146Wh, 91Wh

- 2 x Core SWX 98Wh


All photos here and ADDITIONAL photos can be viewed here (more to be added of the steadicam stand caster wheels and thermodyne case) - if any other photos are requested, I can add additional detail photos if needed. Apologies for limited photo content on post, 2mb limit is.. well.. limiting. 




(Practice Cage, Canon DSLR, Decimator, SDI BNC Cables, window sill plant)

Starting Price for the kit when including EVERYTHING:


Price is negotiable and can be reduced further based on optionals that are not needed/wanted.

Feel free to DM!


Cheers everyone,








compressed 1.JPG

compressed 2.JPG

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