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Insurance 2nd hand gear

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Hi everyone,

This will be mostly addressed to uk people. I own a clipper 312 with LF vest and g50 arm. I bought the package from another person, therefore is second hand. How does the insurance work? Do I have to insure it for the price it was sold to me or for the actual value? And if so, how would I determine the value?

My concern comes mainly from the fact that the items are discontinued now.


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I think most of us insure the gear for full replacement value, whether it's used gear or new.

If your kit gets stolen or damaged you will want to be able to order new components as fast as possible to keep working.

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Hi Tommaso,

Regardless of your location, insure your gear for the full replacement value, as Bryan mentioned. I don't think Tiffen is selling Clipper sleds anymore, so you would insure for the amount of a new Tiffen sled closest to a Clipper model. My first sled was an Archer 1, and it was insured for the value of an Archer 2. I made a note on the breakdown of gear/values/serial numbers I sent to my insurer that the Archer 1 model was no longer manufactured, and the Archer 2 was the closest available model. 

Happy flying!


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Hello everyone,

This is an interesting conversation. The only insurance in Lisbon available to us will only insure your gear up to current market value. 

Can someone please suggest a good insurer in England?

Thanks in advance,


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