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1st AC gear sale

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So, I'm selling off my 1st AC gear.These are just the bigger items. original price is in parenthesies, selling price is not. If you don't see a price, PM me with an offer. I've included the factory ID numbers so you can look them up for more specs. Contact me if you are interested in anything on this list and I can send you more detailed information or pictures. All of these items are located in Brooklyn, NY.

Dimensions      Qty    Catalogue number for Specs     (Original COST)     Selling PRICE



1 SmallHD 703U (SDI+HDMI) ULtrabrite, GM ($2,999.00) $2,000.00

w/ Cage &hood SMACHOOD703/ACC-HOOD-7030

w/ GM battery back PWR-ADP-UB-GM

w/ screen protector ACC-SP-703, cables


1 TVLogic LVM-074W HD/SD 1024x600 LCD , GM ($2,549.00) $800.00

ARRI 2pin power cable SW-LC-TVL-02

GM Battery Bracket TVL-PR-ABGOLD-074

Screen protector, AC/DC power supply, mounting bracket, cables


1 SmallHD AC7 OLED SDI GM ($1,399.00) $800.00

w/ sunhood, GM plate

cables SDI,Hirose, XLR



1 TVLogic - FullHD (good for focus) TVL-VFM-058WP 1920x1080 LCD 3G ($1,596.00) $800.00

w/ battery bracket TVL-BB-058S 

onboard battery charger, kit with batteries and AC/DC adapter


1 SmallHD DP6 - SDI ($1,399.00) $600.00

w/ power supply SMPADP12V

DP6 sunhood, battery back, neoprene sleeve, SP, wireless remote, miniHDMI-HDMI cable

low profile paired battery plate, charger, slim flat batteries and charger



1 TVL battery back TVL-BB-056AA



1 Ward's MKII Pro Package brand new green laser ($10,200.00) $6,000.00

1 ARRI power cable

1 MDR3 cable $250.00



1 Cinetape kit ($6,800.00) $5,000 for cinetape and remotedisplay combined

1 Wireless Remote Display kit ($4,500.00)

1 Extension Sensor Tubes ($350.00)

1 Preston Cinetape Display Cable ($580.00)

other cables (see itemization) ($2,235.00)

1 Noga

mounting panels for display

1 Shapeways cinetape motor mount (additional)


FILM CAMERA FLANGE FOCAL DEPTH GAUGE KIT with gate plates for Panavision, ARRI, Moviecam

1 Ground Glass Puller

1 Tork screwdriver set



3 Elizabeth Sola brand, like new -RED, BLUE, GREEN



1 Panavision 8 slot PSC-FILPCH-8S-ALL-CAM

1 Schneider 5 Slot

5 6x6 Individual Pouches

1 4x5 Individual Pouch

3 4x4- 3x3 Individual Pouch



Noga Cine Arm, med AC-NOGA-DG9014CA

Noga Cine Arm, small

1 INFINITY Arm kit MA429627/429627/4296264, 429626-4 ($319.22)


TERADEK/PARALINX 1:2 all have 1tx with 2 Rx, Array Panel, AB GM plates, in custom built Pelican Cases

1 Paralinx Tomahawk SDI 1:2 DELUXE GM Package HR-10-1252 ($10,000) $5,000

1 Paralinx Tomahawk2 1:2 SDI/HDMI Deluxe GM Package HR-10-1286-G ($10,000) $5,000



1 BOLT 3000 XT 3G-SDI/HDMI 1;2 Deluxe GM ($15,990) $10,000

1 extra Array MIMO Panel Antenna (GM) PATA1 ($439.95)

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