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Stephen Perera

ProAim FlyCam Redking + Aaton XTR + no monitor help!

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Hello everyone, I'm new in here...thanks for reading this thread. I'm here straight from the cinematography.com forum

So I've bought a mint 2nd hand ProAim Flycam Redking which takes up to 15lbs. I want to use it with my Aaton XTR XC 16mm camera + battery + Leica R 28mm f/2.8 (has the Nikon F mount) and weighs in at 13lbs approx. When I eventually get confident enough to shoot (probably many hours trying to balance it up) I will have the 'framing' problem as the camera can't take a monitor

So I'm here to ask about what sort of 'hack' I could create to be able to frame my shots. Obviously Im going to shoot as wide as possible to give myself a fighting chance along with shooting from f8 to f22 to again keep things in focus......not interested in shallow depth of field for what im doing.....

So I've thought of a couple of 'hacks'. The first would be to attach a GoPro that has the screen on the back and align it with the axis of what i see through the Leica and it that way hopefully at least keep the person in the frame in the middle.......and 2. if that fails (i.e cant see the monitor in the sun) attach a laser pointer and then get rid of the dot in post....yes....that ridiculous haha

I was wondering if any of you could help me with a more elegant solution!!!! any comments and help appreciated. I going to be shooting a personal project on Eastman Double X of my father who's 82 and has been an athlete all his life and is still going out running....completely self-funded and completely self-indulgent and hopefully a family 'treasure' in the making for our generations to come......

In the make-believe, yet to be invented world there would be an attachment to the Aaton eye-piece that would run a cable to a monitor that's as good in daylight as the Kindles E-ink tech

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I would be contacting all of the rental companies in England and seeing if they had a Video split for your camera on the shelf collecting dust that may like to sell to you .I would say you could pick one up quite cheap .Or you could use a lipstick camera and mount it to the viewfinder for a quick fix .

Good luck 

Louis Puli 


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