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Cinetronic Gen 2

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There was a topic way back regarding fixes that could be done to Gen 2 monitors I almost recall Transvideo offered a fix replacing hot glue contacts etc does anyone have this post or recall the fixes that could be done .





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Hi. As per Chris last email to me there are no parts available to fix the Gen2, however Marianne from transvideo in LA kindly offered that with every XSBL purchase she would fix your Gen2  if you where replacing one of this generation for free so you can have it as a backup, Im not sure what happened with that but mine died back in June and bought an XSBL 8" and send her my Gen 2 to be fixed by her and have heard back from her after emails and phone calls, I don't know if this is really a possibility for her or what. So as far as fixing there are no fixes for most of the issues.



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