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Zachary Stanke

Smart system gear Arm X-1 Tuning/Adjustment

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Hi Guys,

So I’m not too sure who is familiar with Smart System gear’s Arm X-1, but I’ve been noticing some odd quirks while tuning and adjusting it and I’m curious as to wether it is because of my specific arm’s defects, my misunderstanding of the arm and/or it’s upkeep or if it’s just the build quality in general.

For those who don’t know it uses 4 interchanging spring canisters much like GPI where you can adjust the tension of each individual spring and then there is an additional adjustment for each spring to adjust its ISO response. This gives you 8 speed are options to tune/adjust the arm. What I’ve found is that the more ISO I make the arm behave the “stickier” it feels and the less ISO I tune it, seems to make it feel less “sticky” much like my old 3A style arm felt. 

So I was wondering if anyone better understands this arm behavior or just understands how to tune the X-1 better in general? Thanks.

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