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For sale HOLLYLAND COSMO 2000 HD Wireless Kit!!

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Hi everyone

I’m selling my HOLLYLAND COSMO 2000 HD Wireless Kit,

Price: 3000 EUR (3300 USD)

I bought it three months ago for a specific project which didn’t happen and now I don’t need it anymore. This was a demo kit when I bought it, so it has never seen a set and therefore is in a pristine condition, it's like brand new (price for a new kit is 4500 USD!!). This model has a range of 2000 ft. (approximately 700 m) with no comprehensible latency. This baby is a real signal beast and Hollylands have no pairing issues like other manufacturers.

Kit comes with:

* 1 Transmitter
* 1 Receiver with a connected v-mount battery plate on it
* 8 antennas (1 is spare)
* 2 d-tap power cables
* swivel arm
* case with laser cut inlay foam

Price is 3000 Euros or 3300 USD!!

PM or e-mail me for more details!







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